26 April 2011

the third day

Well well, the mister and I have arrived in Portland.  It took us 4 nights, 5 days, 1 fight about nothing, and too many snippy comments to count to get us 2,400 miles to our new home.
Now that we have arrived, we must wait for the moving truck (I hate the moving truck...a story for another time) and unpack boxes to make our place more like home.  As of now, our townhouse still feels like a hotel room that we're staying at for an extended vacation.  As much as we've spent time in the city (my calves are sore from walking) and met new people (I'm almost tired of introducing myself...almost), it still feels foreign and very far from home.  Hopefully, the foreign feeling will fade in the next few weeks :)

Now, time to marvel at our new house :)

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