27 March 2011

this feeling

I can't explain it.  This feeling of emptiness/hope/joy/sadness/excitement/ something-or-other.  It comes upon me as I sit in the freshly vacuumed floor where my couch used to reside.  I'm looking at boxes and piles of stuff, thinking about what all this means.  Apparently, thinking about what all this means made me get up and go get a fresh beer from the fridge :) I guess it means a variety of things:
OH EM GEE we're moving very VERY soon
I need more boxes
I'm about to have one of the biggest adventures ever
I've drank too much beer for this early afternoon hour
I'm leaving all my friends
I'm about to leave the only state I've known as home
I have to buy new furniture
I'm going to get lost so much in a new city
I still have SO much left to finish

WHOA GEEZ....[insert inexplainable feeling here]....

26 March 2011

making it rain.

The mister and I are indeed making it rain....on moving vans ($$$$), current rent ($$$, our landlord cut in in half since we will only be here until the 11th), new apartments ($$$, then $$$$), gas pumps ($i wish there was an infinity symbol button$).  Our money is flowing out of our pockets at an alarming rate.
But it's cool, I think we're taking it in stride....by trying to find or make any extra money we can :)
I'm spending my first day of unemployment taking pictures and posting everything I can on craigslist to sell and gathering goods for a garage sale.  These activities are not so fun, but they are giving me a super productive feeling!

so, back to work for me


19 March 2011

Housing - check.


The mister and I got approved for our new apartment!!!  Well, we will actually be subletting from a couple that is moving - yay, we have a nice place for 6 weeks!  We will renew the lease on the place if we get a good deal on it, but otherwise we will just have a comfy place to stay in the city until we find something more permanent. 
We also have a tennative move date - April 11th.  We plan on leaving on the 11th then driving across the counrty to arrive in Portland on the 15th.  It seems so final now - we have a place, Mark is transfering his daytime job and has a possible bar job.  The only problem is my current situation...not for lack of trying, I've yet to find employment.
Although, being a house lady is becoming more and more appealing to me these days....cooking, house cleaning, taking care of the mister, pushing out pups and subsequently raising them....very appealing. 
Don't judge me.

12 March 2011

"ya'll" becomes "you all"

Today I find myself searching for jobs in Portland, OR.  I've been searching for a few weeks now, now that my boyfriend and I have decided to move.  I decided to start blogging (I guess that's what I'm doing right now) about the transition from my southern oasis of hipsters (East Nashville, TN)  to a new land of hipsters located in the Northwest corner of our greater United States.  This move comes with many small transitions:  Packing boxes, leaving the house that I've lived in for two and a half years,  finding a new place to call home, and a new job to pay that home's bills.  There are also larger steps to take:  Making a deeper commitment to the man I love, leaving friends and my loving family, essentially starting all over in a brand new place without a safety net in sight. 
Scary - Exciting - Motivational - Scary....

Let's see what comes to fruition.