14 June 2011

what did you do today?

Me?  What did I do today?  The mister and I ripped down gross wallpaper from our kitchen and installed a vinyl tile backsplash!  And and and this entire project (including the rental of a vinyl tile cutter) cost just under $50!!!!  I'm nifty and thrifty....recognize. 

BEFORE:  Dingy, green and white, possibly from the 60s, peeling wallpaper.  Icky.  

AFTER:  Fun, shiny, not peeling black and white checks.  AWESOME!! (please, ignore other dingy aspects of the kitchen....they will be remedied soon)

Yay for productive days!!!  Now, I'm going to sit in the middle of the kitchen floor, drink an entire bottle of wine, and enjoy my black and white tiles.  


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  1. I want to see more pictures of your home. ok..thanks!