12 March 2011

"ya'll" becomes "you all"

Today I find myself searching for jobs in Portland, OR.  I've been searching for a few weeks now, now that my boyfriend and I have decided to move.  I decided to start blogging (I guess that's what I'm doing right now) about the transition from my southern oasis of hipsters (East Nashville, TN)  to a new land of hipsters located in the Northwest corner of our greater United States.  This move comes with many small transitions:  Packing boxes, leaving the house that I've lived in for two and a half years,  finding a new place to call home, and a new job to pay that home's bills.  There are also larger steps to take:  Making a deeper commitment to the man I love, leaving friends and my loving family, essentially starting all over in a brand new place without a safety net in sight. 
Scary - Exciting - Motivational - Scary....

Let's see what comes to fruition.

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