19 March 2011

Housing - check.


The mister and I got approved for our new apartment!!!  Well, we will actually be subletting from a couple that is moving - yay, we have a nice place for 6 weeks!  We will renew the lease on the place if we get a good deal on it, but otherwise we will just have a comfy place to stay in the city until we find something more permanent. 
We also have a tennative move date - April 11th.  We plan on leaving on the 11th then driving across the counrty to arrive in Portland on the 15th.  It seems so final now - we have a place, Mark is transfering his daytime job and has a possible bar job.  The only problem is my current situation...not for lack of trying, I've yet to find employment.
Although, being a house lady is becoming more and more appealing to me these days....cooking, house cleaning, taking care of the mister, pushing out pups and subsequently raising them....very appealing. 
Don't judge me.

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