27 March 2011

this feeling

I can't explain it.  This feeling of emptiness/hope/joy/sadness/excitement/ something-or-other.  It comes upon me as I sit in the freshly vacuumed floor where my couch used to reside.  I'm looking at boxes and piles of stuff, thinking about what all this means.  Apparently, thinking about what all this means made me get up and go get a fresh beer from the fridge :) I guess it means a variety of things:
OH EM GEE we're moving very VERY soon
I need more boxes
I'm about to have one of the biggest adventures ever
I've drank too much beer for this early afternoon hour
I'm leaving all my friends
I'm about to leave the only state I've known as home
I have to buy new furniture
I'm going to get lost so much in a new city
I still have SO much left to finish

WHOA GEEZ....[insert inexplainable feeling here]....

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