24 May 2011

How to strip!

Strip paint from Victorian door hardware, that is...

I promise I didn't mean for this to become a home improvement blog, but fixing up the new house is aaaaalll that has been on my mind lately.  So, let's get to it.

Our new house was built in 1911 - this means good things and this means bad things.  Let's focus on the one of the many good things for the time being.  The house came with most of it's original hardware sans one door plate (on the first door you see when entering the house, mind you).  I HAD to find the exact match for the other hardware in the house...HAD TO.
One trip to Hippo Hardware (new favorite place to shop for the house) and we found the plate, but it was sadly covered with decades of paint...

The nice people at Hippo told me all I had to do to remove the paint was boil the plate in water.  That's right, boiling water - the wonderous paint remover.  I was skeptical, but tried it anyway.  

To my surprise, about 20 minutes of boiling and all I needed to do was peel the paint off with my fingers (and subsequently wash my hards a dozen times after because I am convinced that whatever paint was on the plate is highly toxic).  

After another 10 minutes of heavy scrubbing, here it is!  Pristine and a perfect match for the rest of the knobs in the house.  Seriously kids, I am kicking ass at fixing shit.  


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