18 May 2011

i am woman

I began the day not thinking much of the tasks I was about to undertake, but it soon dawned on me that I've never done anything like this by myself.  I'm talking about serious house painting here, folks.  Don't get me wrong, I've helped out while my parents painted their house (when they let me roll one solid line or hold the paint pan for them), and I'm what I like to refer to as a 'hobby artist,' but never have I had a goal of painting one room per day (over three days) completely solo.  No seriously, S-O-L-O.  The lover is out of town and not even present for moral support.  The first day of painting didn't seem daunting until I stood there, in an empty house, with tools in hand.  It was time for me to partake in this lone venture of home improvement.  

Step 1:
Tape up the shits that stay a sparkling shade of white.  

Step 2:
Do the hard part first - paint all the edges and corners of the room.  I've always been a 'save the easiest for last' kinda lady, because I have the most energy when I start a project.....not so much when I'm halfway finished.  This step was not too difficult because of the previous taping :)

Step 2 notes:
Painting the top of the wall where is touches the ceiling blows, it BLOWS!  It goes kind of like this: move ladder to desired starting place; get paint on the brush (straddle the line between not too little and not too much paint); get up on the tallest step on the ladder - almost fall - balance self; paint!  at a 45 degree angle applying just the right amount of paint as to cover the existing paint color but GODDAMN!  DON'T GET IT ON THE PEARLY WHITE CEILING; paint all that you can reach; climb down from ladder - almost fall - catch self on freshly painted door lining - wash paint off self; move ladder to next spot to paint; repeat; repeat; contemplate jumping from ladder; REPEAT.

Step 3:
I like to call this the 'easy, fun part.'  All you gotta do is smoosh some paint on a roller and roll away covering all the space that is not currently painted.  Easy, fun, DONE!

Step 4:
Stand back and enjoy.  

I honestly don't remember the last time I felt a deep sense of accomplishment.  I am woman, watch me paint and dominate household tasks!  For the hard work I put into room number one, I feel goooooood.  I'm ready to tackle the other rooms in the coming days.  I am making house painting my bitch, one room at a time!


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  1. Way to go "S" Dot now come do my place.
    Love ya.

    Mychal Toney