06 May 2011

jobby job job/housey house house

Well it's been two and a half weeks here in PDX and both M and I have found jobs!  The mister will be managing a bar in the Pearl District (getting PAID, mind you), and me....welllll, I have been offered a job that I don't want o_o I do think I will hold out for a job that I really really really want, unless times get tough.  I guess it's time to wait and see :)

Also, the mister and I have found a new place of residence in the Alberta Arts District.  The house is within walking distance to anything we would want (including this delicious little restaurant with mostly vegan options!).  It's an adorable 2 bedroom, one bath house with a huge basement (with washer and dryer) and plenty of yard space to garden in the fenced in back yard.  It's not without flaws, but the landlord is the coolest old man ever and is giving us free rain to make the house our own.  First on my list of improvements is paint, loooottttsssss of paint.  I've already been lusting after a backsplash for the kitchen and will paint the walls one of the colors in said backsplash.  Let us marvel:

We will have to install some closet hardware too, becasue the existing hardware is less than desirable for two people with a clothes hoarding problem.  In addition, the outside of the house will be painted as soon as there is a full week without rain (ha! we'll see about that one) and the front yard will need some homey landscaping.  I'm excited to get started!  We will move in on the 30th of May.  Wish us luck :D


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  1. that is great about mark, I know not exactly what he wants to do, but to be PAID is always nice, really want to visit you guys, miss you already.